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Please submit entries to:
(The email address you will use to send your entries must be the same as the email address you will provide in the application form below.)

Sample Entries required will just be a minimum of only ONE of the following sets.
If you have more, feel free to send them as well. (wink*)

1.       2 Self-Help articles related to any of the following topics:
·       Meaning / Purpose
·       Success
·       Health and Fitness
·       Feel-good / Motivation
·       Bounce-back / Resilience
·       Time Management / Productivity
·       Discipline
·       Learning / Creativity
·       Relationships / Emotional Intelligence
·       Business / Finance
·       Work / Career
·       Leadership
·       Community / Giving
·       Writing Tips
·       Painting / Drawing Tips
·       How To Articles About Specific Interests / Hobbies

2.       3 poems

3.       2 short stories

4.       2 movie or TV series reviews(can be both movies or series or combination)

5.       2 book reviews

6.       2 LGBTQIA+ related content(can be in any ConCre category: Self-Help, Poetry, Short Story, Review of book or movie/TV show, etc)

7.       Surprise us(genre-and-form-defying content)

**Entries can be in Filipino or English language. Or Taglish. Or bekimon. Or jejemon. Kidding aside, it just has to show your passion for writing, and that should be it 🙂

1.        Email Subject Line: “Application as Contributor – <Firstname><space><Lastname>”
2.       Each entry must be in a separate Microsoft Word file.
3.      Filename: <Firstname>_<Lastname>_<Category>_<Title>.doc

Juan_Cruz_Self-Help_This Is A Self-help Article.doc
Juana_Santos_Poetry_This Is A Poem.doc
Juan_Cruz_ShortStory_This Is A Short Story.doc
Juana_Santos_LGBTQ_This Is An LGBTQ Related Content.doc
Juan_Cruz_MovieReview_This Is A Movie Review.doc
Juana_Santos_BookReview_This Is A Book Review.doc
Juan_Cruz_Surprise_This Is A Genre-Defying Piece.doc

4.      Font: Arial 12pt, single spaced

Thank you for your interest in becoming a regular contributor on this site!


By submitting an entry or entries, you are agreeing to the following expectations:

The entries submitted will be subject for review and does not entail automatic posting or your automatic acceptance as Contributor on this website.

We will decide based on creativity, relevance of entries to the category and overall writing quality.

A contributor is only able to perform three tasks – reading all posts, as well as deleting and editing their own posts. This role
is quite limited since it doesn’t enable users to automatically publish posts or upload media files. This control point is so that we can manage content copyright issues and make sure everyone follows our Community Guidelines. A copy of said guidelines are sent to accepted Contributors.