Meaning and Purpose Self-Help

9 Facets of Meaning and Purpose

This list is a collection of ideas which have stuck with me through the years. It’s in no particular order, and by no means an exhaustive list. The items are […]

English Poems Poetry

“Is It the Place?”

Sometimes I wonderIf it’s the place which writes the poemThe last poem I wrote about youWas written inside a coffee shopOn a wet and foggy Sunday nightWhile sipping steaming cappuccinoWith […]

Mga Tula Poetry

“Kung ang Pagsasabi ay Pamumuhay”

May mga nagsabi nangAng lahat ng maaaring maimbento ay naimbento naPero lahat nga ba ng maaaring sabihin ay nasabi na?Hindi siguroDahil ang pagsasabi ay pamumuhayAt ang pamumuhay ay pag-iralAt oo, […]

3-Sentence Blogs 3SB: Success

The Myth of the “Best” Life

Living your “best” life is a myth. There’s no way of telling if you or someone you know is living or had lived his or her best life. A “good” […]