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What makes writing, bad?

Is writing an art form? If yes, is there such a thing as bad art, and therefore, bad writing? What makes writing, bad? Following the “writing is art” analogy, I […]

English Poems Poetry

“Life Is”

Life is A hike A pose A picture A rose A love letter Life is a series of experiences Objects Symbols Feelings Scars A bike, a like A share Aware […]

Health and Fitness Self-Help

3 Keys to Sustainable Weight Loss

  Discipline  Now this might sound obvious but I listed this first on purpose because I believe this is the primary differentiating factor among the past weight loss journeys I […]

Reviews TV Series Review

Netflix Review: All of Us Are Dead

-CONTAINS SPOILERS-   What is it about? The premise is basically baseline zombie genre: chaos erupts and the end of the world looms because people turn into zombies. Zombies eat […]

Feel-good and Motivation Self-Help

Four Ways to Increase Your Happiness According to Science

Who doesn’t want happiness?  Aside from the Grinch, or a rock, probably no one. Masochists perhaps? Kidding aside though, humans naturally want to be happy. We are creatures of comfort. […]

Movie Review Reviews

Movie Review: DUNE

-CONTAINS SPOILERS- What is it about? This is the (second, I think) movie adaptation of the 1965 epic science fiction novel by Frank Herbert. This review focuses on the movie’s […]