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9 Life Lessons from Final Fantasy XV

9. Wallow in the past but only for making the “now” better. Umbra, Luna’s dog will be available at the later part of the game, and thru him, you can go back to past Lucis to gain more experience points and level-up in the process. It says something about the “real” substance of the past, which is an accumulation of knowledge, experience, relationships and investments which we should have built thru the years and access them when needed.

8. Stand on the shoulders of the Royal Arms. The Royal Arms are special weapons which Noctis gets in various Chapters of the game. Some of them can be retrieved in Dungeons with vicious bosses and not actually part of the main plot. Getting more Royal Arms makes the Armiger Chain attacks more deadly. Equip yourself with knowledge and tools from different “heroes”. Learn from the masters of the field you are interested in and be awesome. It’s comes with hard work, as always, since some of these “Dungeons” have long and confusing paths, mazes and puzzles.

7. You need your friends! Sure, they could have designed the game where Noctis knows how to cook, fish, gather treasures and take photographs, but that might probably be boring. In the game, the four main characters have different “skills”- Noctis knows fishing, Ignis – cooking, Gladiolus gets items after battles and Prompto – photography. As it would obviously take more than your lifetime to be an expert in everything, it is important that we build a diverse team who can help each other realize their own dreams.

6. Ascension points(AP) unlock potential. Some cognitive experts cite “fixed” and “growth” mindsets as big factors affecting learning. Some people have the idea that whatever they are right now is fixed and they are and will always be “that” type of person. And then there’s the “growth” mindset where one believes that by hard work and focus, you can be “better” if not the “best” in something. In the game, APs don’t come easily. You have to wait and earn them through side quests, camping, fishing, riding chocobos, driving the Regalia(the team’s car), etc. Different ways of earning APs in itself involves unlocking them using APs. In analogy, the lessons we learn and the experiences we have in life add up and create momentum like a snowball effect.

5. There are no “Imperial Suvavas”. I thought Prompto is always saying “Imperial Suvavas” and just realized later it’s actually “imperials above us”. I thought it’s some kind of Star Wars-ish name for the imperial soldiers. I interpret this experience as saying we are allowed to laugh at our mistakes once in a while and not to take ourselves too seriously, like write life lessons learned from a game. Lol.

4. The “U” curve. Since I am a fan of Malcolm Gladwell books, I’ve once read about the concept of “U” curves. Simply put, it is saying that sometimes, “more” does not mean “better”. As an example, studies have shown that there is a threshold value for annual income, afterwhich, the family no longer becomes any happier than they generally are. The amount is around 75,000 dollars annual income. The same for the “wrong notion” that lesser number of students in a class make the learning quality better. There is also a sweet spot on the optimal number of students per class. Relating it to the game, you can complete all side quests, wait until you are around Level 70 and go to the final battles in Insomnia but you don’t really need it. I unintentionally finished the final battles by giving it a try and surprisingly was able to beat it at Level 50.

3. It’s healthy to ask for help. When battles take too long to finish, the game sometimes allows you to summon one of the “Hexatheons” – Titan, Ramuh, Leviathan, Shiva, Ifrit and Bahamut. The game is like saying “OK, you’ve done your best, let us kill the friggin’ monsters for you ALREADY”. Plus, excellent cut scenes.

2. Try as much new things as you possibly(and safely) can. Ignis, one of the main characters in the game learns new recipes when you eat new dishes in different restaurants. If you eat the same food again and again, then you will pretty much have the same recipes which Ignis can cook in “camps”. You won’t have the opportunity to learn new items and ingredients which can help you protect or strengthen yourself throughout the game.

1. Mind the main quest. These days, it’s very easy to lose track of the important things. There’s just too many distractions and things to do. Again, like writing life lessons learned from a game, lol. In the game, they call these side quests and you can probably enjoy doing side quests for a long time but it won’t move the main story forward. It enriches you with experience points though, and you earn Gils(the game’s currency), so it also says something about picking the right side quests but still keeping eye on your real goals.

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