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3 Ways to Avoid Social Media “Revenge” Culture

If you’ve never read Hamlet, then this might be a spoiler: He eventually kills Claudius, his father’s killer, and the object of his mother’s “incestuous” marriage. But what’s the relevance […]

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Real Wealth

What is wealth? Material wealth is what I will be talking about here. There will be no shade and metaphors about health being wealth(which is true of course). I want […]

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Success is as unique as us

I was talking to a friend a few days ago and out of nowhere I asked her this question: “Bakit ganun, pakiramdam ko, ang tagal ko na sa mundo pero […]

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9 Life Lessons from Final Fantasy XV

9. Wallow in the past but only for making the “now” better. Umbra, Luna’s dog will be available at the later part of the game, and thru him, you can […]