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Netflix Review: Hellbound


What is it about?

It’s a horror/social satire piece, at least that’s how I interpreted it. The premise being: monsters/devils from hell which are sent by God, are brutally killing sinful people after they have been “judged” by a large “angel”-head. I said satire because the story seemed to critique religions, cults or other dogmatic beliefs, in that they are founded on mysterious and unexplainable phenomena, but the interpretation of said events are largely subjective and are being twisted in favor of the group with their own agenda.

General Thoughts 

I liked how crisp and detailed the “hell” monsters were. Aside from the visuals, the chase and action sequences were convincingly executed making the “demonstration” scenes really awesome. The blood and gore of these scenes set the tone and theme of the story from the onset. Cinematography was alright too, but it really didn’t leave a mark in terms of a building a cohesive and unique visual style.

I liked how searing the social commentary was, in that it seemed to question the dangers of religious and dogmatic pieties. The “demonstrations” were unexplainable but some groups used them to claim “truths” for themselves and fit into their belief system. The show insinuated this very subtly though and in a non-preachy way. I liked how the show balanced each point of view. It seemed to warn the viewers though, that good intentions are not always enough, since people are still corruptible.

The twist was very intriguing in that it will cause both the audience and the characters themselves, to question the entire Season 1’s narrative. It was a striking season ender in that it also “killed” the central premise, like how the demons killed the sinners. Having one of the sinner come alive in the end seemed to stab the heart of the New Truth and Arrowhead’s belief systems, in that they believed the demons were killing sinners and punishing them. Season 2 would be an interesting continuation, and hoping that they will at least answer some of the major questions from season 1: Where did the demons come from? Are they really sent by God? Why did one of the sinners comeback to life? 

Favorite Quotes

 “Do you honestly believe true justice can be served through man-made law? Do you think the murderer feels remorse?” – Chairman Jung

“Doing nothing in fear of committing a sin cannot be the solution.” – Chairman Jung

“Making the world a better place through intimidation and condemnation? That reminds me of a place called hell.” – Producer Bae Youngjae


4 out of 5 stars

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