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Netflix Review: Locke & Key


What is it about?

What if you could do magic with different keys? This is the premise of this intriguing Netflix series. Three siblings, with their mother, moves into a new town, in a house called Key House. They then find different keys which have different magical abilities: opening any door and teleport into anywhere, a key which can start fires, a “head key” which lets you open someone’s mind and go into his/her thoughts/memories, among other keys. They then clash with a beautiful woman, a nemesis which we later learn, is after all the keys, to gain more and more power.  



General Thoughts 

The story had enough mysteries which made it an intriguing story. You’d want to find out where the keys came from, how many keys are there, where the magic came from, etc. Since this is a fantasy story, the sci-fi fandom in me, tried to find plot holes and explanation for everything. But then I decided to just enjoy it for what it is: an entertaining fantasy story, so that I can quiet down my overthinking mind. I did love the major twists, like the real identity of Echo/Dodge, but the other major twist towards the Season 1 ending was very predictable. I liked how the series explored the guilt and emotional toll of the death of the Locke siblings’ father. The idea of taking out an emotion, like fear, and literally killing it like it’s a beast, was a very clever plot element as well. I’ve only finished watching season 1 so I am not sure if season 2 answers the major questions I mentioned, plus many more: Who put magical abilities onto the keys? Where did they originally come from. Did they really have to be keys or was there a reason why keys were used as magical objects? Why do adults forget about the magic they have witnessed? What’s the door in the cave and who put it there? How can Dodge manipulate the environment if she/he is just an “echo”. 

Overall, it was an entertaining story and the visuals were amazing too. 




3 out of 5 stars

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