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Netflix Review: Midnight Mass

 What is it about?

It’s a mystery/horror-thriller with jump scares here and there. It’s a philosophical and religious drama. It’s also a small-town story which asks big questions about life and death and then throws-in searing metaphors between a popular creature of the genre and Biblical elements and characters.

General Thoughts 

I didn’t like the slow pace, but given the excellent cinematography and acting, especially of Hamish Linklater as Father Paul Hill and the equally enigmatic main character, Riley Flynn(played by Zach Gilford), the excellent burn was worth the wait. It was a slow-churn in the first few episodes, but the ending was a blazing TV experience. For some reason, I got some “There Will Be Blood” vibe from this show, or “The Master”. Samantha Sloyan’s portrayal of the peculiar character, Bev Keane, was also worthy of applause. She was a perfect image of a cunning and delusional sycophant and represents the subtleties of cult-like following. Her character questions the boundaries between devotion and pure insanity, which, can also be equally said about Father Paul Hill. I’m burying this huge spoiler within this paragraph because I also hate being spoiled: When the protagonist, Riley, burned in the sun and died, I’ll be honest, it was completely unexpected, much like when I saw Alice in Borderland and one of the main characters also died in the middle of the series. And then I thought, “hmm..are TV shows doing Ned Starks nowadays? Is that the new trend?”. I think the key technique there was based on keeping the audiences guessing and to really surprise them, to break clichés and turn genres on their heads.

Favorite Quotes

“There is no time. There is no death. Life is a dream. It’s a wish. Made again and again and again and again and again and again and on into eternity.”– Erin Greene


5 out of 5 stars

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