English Poems Poetry

“Newness Lives in the Mind”

New What’s new? What’s fresh? What is happening now Will soon have happened yesterday And then last week And then last year And then ten years ago But what’s new? What’s new now? A certain feeling An excitement A sadness A regret An affection What were once new Shall someday become faded But do they really fade Or is it our memories of them That slowly evaporate? Newness lives in the mind There are only things And events And emotions Continually recycled A friendship An attraction A burning desire A fight A betrayal Newness lives in the mind And everything can always be new Depending on where you put your view My love for you is always new For I have engraved your smile Carefully in my heart Your eyes twinkle With the moonlight I hear you laughing Your skin is always new The smell of cherry on your tongue The taste of sweat and perfume While we make love Your voice is always new And the longing to hear it And the passion to plan the future With you in it Newness lives in the mind And everything can always be new Everything is new When I am with you

Photo courtesy: Isaiah Akintola on Unsplash

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