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Dale Carnegie Book Review

A Dale Carnegie book review
A Dale Carnegie book review

This is a Dale Carnegie book review. Based on the title itself, it is actually 3 books combined into one physical book. It is a series of self-help essays by Dale Carnegie. He became more popular through his “How to Win Friends and Influence People” book. The other two are also interesting works worth the read: “How to Develop Self-Confidence and Influence People by Public Speaking” and “The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking.” The first book, “How to Win Friends” is divided into four parts, but each part don’t really represent a cohesive category. Rather, they might just be a readability technique used by publishers to structure “lengthy” books to make them less intimidating. The same is true for the third book: “The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking“, also divided into four parts, but this one has a logical order and category.



I liked that the stories used by the author were very detailed. It was a thick book though. It might be wordy for readers who like to just browse quickly and get the important points. If you don’t mind reading through lengthy anecdotes, then this book might be for you. Although, because of the length, it creates a certain depth and credibility.


How the Book Changed Me

As I mentioned, it did have a lot of material to cover, so it’s challenging to condense what I learned from this omnibus. A few examples would be as follows: You can’t win an argument, so if you can help it, just don’t go into arguments. If you are to give criticisms, do it in an indirect way, or just avoid it altogether. This might be deemed controversial because traditional advice would have you communicate your feedback to people, but this book acknowledges human nature and our  tendency to be triggered by criticisms.

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5 out of 5 stars

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