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“Why Do We Have Long Stories?”

Why do we have long stories?
Perhaps novels.
Or epics.
Sagas, biographies.
But why do we have long stories?
One day I was talking to an old man.
He was telling me anecdotes about his friends.
Stories about his grandparents.
Stories about his childhood experiences.
How their lives changed or remained the same.
How people left and never returned.
How people stayed.
Hardships and successes.
Inside jokes.
Rural myths. Urban legends.
Comforts and despairs.
The longer you know people, the truer they appear.
Wait long enough and fake identities are revealed.
Long stories don’t have room for b*llsh*t.
Time brings out true friendships.
Long stories are of people who stayed.
Or those who left and never returned.
Pretentions disappear,
Or at least lessened.
Time removes all dirt.
Revealing diamonds or gold.
Or skulls and bones.
Maybe we have long stories
Because time is the most important resource.
And so it also shows us the most important things.
The people who stayed.
The people who left, and never returned.
Maybe we have long stories
To help us capture the wisdom contained in entire lifetimes.
Within layers of memories.
In the intricacies of chances.
In the randomness of choices.
And the people who stayed.
And the people who left, and never returned.

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