English Poems Poetry

“I Used to Write Poems”

I used to write poems Like how you used to love me I used to savor the aroma of sweatAnd tarragonI used to bleed wordsAnd then stab them right awayObsequiousPlethoraSemaphoreI […]

Bounce-back and Resilience Self-Help

8 Mental Hacks to Increase Your Resilience

  The COVID pandemic, although in the last stretches of its reign, hopefully, tested our resilience, in an unprecedented global level. Through this experience, most of us used different ways […]

Book Review Reviews

Book Review: The Picture of Dorian Gray

General Thoughts My first impression about this novel was how rich and descriptive the prose was. The opulent lifestyles of the Victorian Era were intricately visualized not only in form […]

Writing Exercises


Echo(15 mins, copying/typing and reading aloud);Title and Author: One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez The failure of his death brought back his lost prestige in a few […]

Maikling Kwento Short Stories


Hindi dahil sa hindi alam ni Ben ang gusto nya. Hindi lang nya trip makigulo. Bahay, kotse, stable na trabaho. Sariling business, kung papalarin. Asawa. Dalawang anak. A good amount […]

Musings Thoughts

What makes writing, bad?

Is writing an art form? If yes, is there such a thing as bad art, and therefore, bad writing? What makes writing, bad? Following the “writing is art” analogy, I […]

English Poems Poetry

“Life Is”

Life is A hike A pose A picture A rose A love letter Life is a series of experiences Objects Symbols Feelings Scars A bike, a like A share Aware […]

Health and Fitness Self-Help

3 Keys to Sustainable Weight Loss

  Discipline  Now this might sound obvious but I listed this first on purpose because I believe this is the primary differentiating factor among the past weight loss journeys I […]

Reviews TV Series Review

Netflix Review: All of Us Are Dead

-CONTAINS SPOILERS-   What is it about? The premise is basically baseline zombie genre: chaos erupts and the end of the world looms because people turn into zombies. Zombies eat […]

Feel-good and Motivation Self-Help

Four Ways to Increase Your Happiness According to Science

Who doesn’t want happiness?  Aside from the Grinch, or a rock, probably no one. Masochists perhaps? Kidding aside though, humans naturally want to be happy. We are creatures of comfort. […]